We encourage users to take care of the system. We really want you to enjoy a safe ride - for this it is important to keep the stations and e-bikes in good condition as well as be respectful towards other road users. This FAQ is intended to provide you with some guidance on how to behave when using the service and how to avoid having your account suspended by Ride On. Please note, that this guide is not inclusive and any other breach of our Terms & Conditions or our Rental Agreement may also result in your account being suspended.

We are committed to respecting the law and pedestrians’ rights. So please, be kind to others and remember that our bikes can be identified with the plate number and any user can make a complaint if they consider it necessary and we can find who was riding the bike instantly. 

There exists a very large area to ride our bikes - throughout the city - and there’s no necessity to take it outside there. This means that if you live far from the hire area, you should choose a complementary mode of transport to complete your trip (public transportation service or private vehicle). Our bikes have a GPS so we can detect if any of them is being ridden out of the permitted area. 

Obviously, vandalism is completely forbidden. By vandalism we mean breaking any part of the bike deliberately or damaging the station.

We have remarkable electric bikes and we understand that you might want to have one of them at home! Unfortunately, this is not possible. If a bike disappears or is not returned to a station after your trip has finished, we will consider it stolen and, apart from being banned, you will have to pay a penalty. 

The bikes have a specific weight limit, and having more than one rider on the bike at a time is not acceptable. Please be mindful of not exceeding the weight limitations and putting anyone in danger by improper use. 

Using the bike if you are underage is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in your account being immediately suspended and further legal action may be taken. 

Allowing others to use your account is completely against Ride On policy. Should there be misuse of the account in such a way, your account will be closed.