If you feel that you’ve been overcharged or that a payment has been charged to your account by mistake, please contact us via email (support@rideondundee.com), providing as much information as possible, so we can review your request. You should report any overcharge to Embark Dundee within 48 hours.

Please be aware that refunds are not available if: 

1.- You buy a plan (Day-Pass or Subscription) but don’t use it before it expires. 

2.- Your Subscription is renewed automatically and you then decide you want to end your membership. Unfortunately, once the payment of the plan is charged to your account, it cannot be cancelled. 

3.- If the e-bike was stolen or lost during your ride (including due to an oversight), you can't request a refund for the remaining trip cost. In addition, you'll be liable for all the costs incurred by Embark Dundee to recover or replace the e-bike.

Our general approach to refunds is outlined in Section 1.2 of our Rental Agreement:

You agree that all fees paid to Ride On in connection with this Agreement and the rental of the Bikes shall be non-refundable. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ride On may, in its sole and absolute discretion, grant You a refund upon Your written request sent to Ride On’s customer service at support@rideondundee.com